Company Info

Alliance Star Business Group founded in September 2015; it had set the goal of becoming Ethiopia’s most customer-focused import/export company. Having been reputed for our diligent, dependable, and disciplined qualities, we continue to serve our esteemed customers with the utmost integrity and devotion. Hence, becoming the most favored in the industry for our continuous advancements in the variety of services and product deliveries we manage.



Alliance Star Business Group is comprised of specialist experts who function with a deep-rooted understanding of the sector. These specialists operate within the company, providing tailor-based services to consumers ensuring our good name and customer satisfaction.


Alliance Star Business Group consists of dedicated employees who provide 24/7- hour services that allow clients to receive quick responses of a satisfactory measure. With a staff dedicated to problem solving, our employees offer solutions with an educated understanding in the various sectors the company finds itself in and as a result allows customers to utilize the best services that they can find.


Alliance Star Business Group provides quality products and services that are delivered in a timely manner for all needs. The company places high importance without defaulting, on meeting our clients’ standards which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that all products supplied by Alliance Star Business Group are done so honestly, processed on time, and are capable of being tracked due to our corporate transparency.

We Serve You

The quality of incomparable service we offer to our customers is both our objective and reason to move forward expanding our dimensions and reach. Having to consistently maintain a top-notch standard and meet expectations, we have made our allegiance to our highly regarded customers from all across the globe, leaving our mark wherever they’ve required us to.

Our Strategies

We follow a customer-focused or “customer satisfaction leads to success” marketing attitude. The marketing viewpoint mainly focused on providing its customers with quality, agile-based, dependable swift, and efficient on-time delivery that promotes its keenness in the market. We always strive for our customer’s growth and prospers. Our success is due to the integrity of working together with our local governmental and non-governmental agencies.

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