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Guji is a zone in Ethiopia's Oromia Region, named after one of the Oromia tribes. Hawassa is located 214.7 kilometers away. This will take approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes. Guji is bordered by Borena on the south, the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region on the west, the Ganale Dorya River on the north, which divides it from Bale, and the Somali Region on the east.

The region is a fertile and resource-rich area. The Guji Oromo have conserved the thick natural forest of Bada Magada, the Nechisar National Park, the Shakiso-Adola evergreen forests, and the recognized gold mining region of Adola (or Kebri Mangest).

The coffee is grown at elevations ranging from 1770 to 2300 meters. Having fertile soil, sufficient rainfall, and a pleasant climate that aids in the growth of the coffee. Which also nurtures the coffee, benefiting the coffee grown in that area, giving it a distinct flavor.

Guji coffees offer a complex, balanced cup profile that is one of the most enjoyable and exciting coffees across the region exhibiting similarity with regions of Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. The flavor profiles are distinct, giving complex, yet balanced tastes. Guji has always offered washed and naturals. Roasters and importers like the washed variety the most. The reason behind being since the sugars have been extracted from the coffee, the acidity of washed Ethiopian coffees is much stronger. In comparison to the natural phase, where sweetness is emphasized, the acidity of these washed coffees is more apparent.

There is an extensive diversity of coffee profiles of Guji coffee ranging from sweet lemon candy and floral aroma to heavy melon, peach, and rosé flavors. The natural coffees from Guji can also be spectacular when cared for well, bringing syrupy fruit, rosé wine, and perfumed aromas.

To put it another way, put your biases aside and try Guji's coffee with an open mind to see what makes it more exciting and enjoyable.

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